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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Archives Yan Morvan

Magazine Distribution
  • Where can I buy the magazine?

All magazines and special issues are available for sale on our website, individually or as a subscription (signed, and preferential price if paid for the year)

The magazine is also available at our bookshop, BATT, at 33bis rue Doudeauville, 75018, Paris.

  • Is it sold in all countries?

Yes, the magazine is available for delivery anywhere in the world, (costs vary depending on the destination).

  • What does a subscription to the Yan Morvan Archives consist of?

A subscription corresponds to 1 year of publication, i.e. 24 magazines (26x32cm, between 24 and 48p.) + 4 special books (variable format and pagination).

  • How does the subscription work?

The subscription to the Yan Morvan Archives is for 1 year (12 months).

You can pay annually (payment in one instalment for a whole year of publications) or monthly (payment in monthly instalments, i.e. 12 payments for a whole year).

  • Why should I subscribe to the magazine, what are my advantages?

With a subscription, whether annual or monthly, all the magazines as well as the off-series books are signed by the photographer Yan Morvan.

Moreover, if you opt for an annual payment, you will be able to benefit from a preferential rate on all the issues (-20% approximately)

  • How do I subscribe?

  • When will I receive my first issue, then the following ones?

The first 2 issues you will receive are those of the month in which your subscription payment starts. On average, the magazines arrive between 7 and 10 days after receipt of your payment for France, but it may take longer for foreign destinations.

You will then receive your 2 magazines every month (for 12 months), as well as an extra book every three months. In total, at the end of the subscription year, you will receive 24 magazines, and 4 special books.

  • Are back issues still available?

Yes, please feel free to visit the shop if you want to buy back issues (subject to stock and availability).

33bis rue Doudeauville, Paris 18