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Fetish Girls (2002)


Betty Page or Lara Croft? In a New York palace, the second edition of Bond Con – the Bond show – brings together the hundred most beautiful American “fetish girls”. For their thousands of fans who only know them from their websites, it is a unique opportunity to meet these modern superheroines in the flesh.


From the rooms of this grand hotel in Queens, one can see the ballet of planes at La Guardia airport. In the distance, the island of Manhattan with the World Trade Center towers removed. Genesis Lynn remembers September 11, 2001 very well: “Our first show took place a month after the attacks. We were afraid that everything would stop. But the opposite happened: bondage has never been so successful! The organizer of the New York Bond Con has reason to rejoice: for its second edition, this fetish fair gathered more than 1500 spectators in one weekend. They came from the four corners of the United States, Hawaii or England with the sole aim of meeting for real the most beautiful American fetish women, whom they have been worshipping for years via their websites. (Jean-Marc Barbieux)

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