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Max Hardcore


Sex has always been one of the most important human concerns. While the Lumière brothers had just invented their system of visual capture which would see the advent of cinema, it was not necessary to wait more than a year for a pornographer to seize the process, as early as 1896, with Léar’s “Le Coucher de la mariée”. From the graffiti of Pompeii to the Japanese Shunga, Eros reigns supreme over humanity. Anyone who has studied the history of the question knows that the most chastened vocabulary of today’s West has its etymological roots in the crudest Latin or Greek.

 Pudibonderie never ceases to struggle against the body. The Second World War having favoured the victory of the North American trusts, the Protestant culture took over. A leaden moral blanket was created over old Catholic Europe, where the tradition of sauciness from Brest to Vladivostok was quite different. Since 1945, this detuned dialogue imposed by Yankee imperialism has forced us to undergo the vagaries of another ethic. The search for easy money, the culture of the gold rush, which has made Hollywood the heart of the production of the world zeitgeist. The matrix of the devil.

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