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Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer (1978)


There are thousands of reports on this pilgrimage, and the iconography, often identical, means that we only retain the author’s prism of this event, the main information becoming secondary. In the end, clichés about gypsies are perpetuated due to the lack of depth of the work done, and the following report by Yan Morvan is no exception. But placed in the context of the archive, the photos take on a new meaning, they become temporal markers. The interest is no longer in discovering a Catholic rite but in bearing witness to a vanished period: clothes, haircuts, accessories, banal details that take on importance as time passes. This is the strength of the photographer, to be able to understand that certain works will only be of interest ten, twenty, or even thirty years after they were taken. It is important to approach this series in this way, the brief chapter of a life, that of the author on the gypsy pilgrimage.

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