45 years of photo-reportage through the eye and lens of Yan Morvan, no compromise.

Each month, 2 new magazines will retrace history, whether marginal, political, industrial or cultural.

Yan Morvan Archives

Behind the lens of a photo-reporter

Somewhere between poetry and testimony lies reality, and all of its fantasies, even the most extreme. Between sex and war, there remains progress, its few victors and its myriad of vanquished. Because it is this memory that the Yan Morvan Archives talk about.

This month:

Archive N°18

Bodybuilding (1981)

A meeting of bodybuilders, those known as body builders in the Atlantic, is being held in the French capital. Paris, 1981 36 pages Voir plus
Archive N°17

Dildo Factory FR/US (2002)

At first, we were not suspicious. They looked so crude with their ‘O’ shaped mouths and badly painted eyes. And the dildos, with their big red knobs: sex toys played on the bench. But generation after generation, they got better. […] Voir plus

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After studying mathematics and becoming a film director, Yan Morvan began reporting on the Hells Angels in Paris, then on the prostitutes of Bangkok. In 1974, he published his first photograph in the daily newspaper Libération.

From 1974 to 1975, he worked for the Fotolib agency of Libération, then for the Norma agency in 1976. In 1976, he published his first book on rockers, Le Cuir et le Baston, the beginning of a long work on gangs that would last twenty years, and began collaborating as a freelancer with Paris Match until 1978, then with Figaro Magazine until 1980.

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